CAEM has a well-established tradition that goes back to the end of the 1960s (1966), when CAEM had already specialized in the creation of sensitive elements for bulb and capillary thermostats (Diastats), which were designed for gas ovens. During the 1970s, CAEM specialized in the production of electric thermostats in its anufacturing plant in Almese (near Turin), through constant technological innovation and research, both linked to the safety of analogue equipment.

50 Years CAEM

Revolutionary types of equipment such as the “LP” - a unipolar thermostat with a direct-acting system, later superseded by much more versatile models and several 

other versions such as the “TU” - allowed CAEM to become a real landmark company for its Italianity, quality and flexibility.

CAEMs strength lies in the great offer in componentry, which presents all the necessary features to meet the requests of a complex market. Componentry includes copper or stainless steel bulbs and capillary for thermostats; stuffing-boxes; boxed thermostats for heating; unipolar, bipolar or three-pole safety thermostats; regulated thermostats etc. These component parts do not only have a high reliability, but they can also be used for much more particular applications



14 July 2017


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